Architecture is the major art of designing spaces and building buildings, respecting empirical or scientific building rules, as well as aesthetic concepts, classic or new, of the shape and arrangement of space, including the social and environmental aspects related to the function of the building and its integration into its environment, regardless of this function. : habitable, sepulchral, ritual, institutional, religious, defensive, artisanal, commercial, scientific, signage, museum, industrial, monumental, decorative, landscape, even purely artistic.


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Architecture is necessary to produce marks in the memory of sedentary organized peoples in almost all existing societies. The solemn position concerning the remarkable places is made by this means. The architecture translates for the gathering places their nature and their social function for the public.

Architecture builds Swiss excellence

We have several years and several references that guarantee our professionalism

The beauty of the outline

Lines adaptable to the surrounding environment, giving the beauty of curved lines, resulting in exceptional buildings

Straight lines

Modern and functional, they are sometimes the best options, usually when this translates into better use of spaces

“Architecture is the wise, correct and beautiful set of volumes arranged in the light.

I’d rather draw than talk. The drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.”

Le Corbusier

“The form follows the function: it has been misinterpreted. They should be one, together in a spiritual reunion.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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