Interior design is a scenic and visual technique for the composition and decoration of interior environments (rooms of houses, offices, palaces, etc.). It is the art of planning and organizing spaces, choosing and/or combining the different elements of an environment, establishing aesthetic and functional relationships, in relation to what is intended to be produced. The professional harmonizes, in a given space, furniture, objects and accessories, such as curtains and carpets, seeking to reconcile comfort, practicality and beauty


Combining beauty, light and space

The interior of our space, whether for leisure or work, requires consideration of several factors.

This work often requires that the professional not only search for materials but also make a diagnosis of the client himself in order to gather information, and then rather be able to exhibit in space given the comfort and beauty to please the client. Normally, the maximum use of natural light is also taken into account


The details are important, nothing can be left to chance

Harmony of colors

The combination of colors makes the living space awaken sensations, our professionals know well, each room tends to a certain state of mind the color is very important

Incredible views

Reconciling the interior with the best outdoor views is also our priority. Whenever possible, we like you to get the best view at the right time.

” Why settle for a neutral house, with traditional blue-white-red combinations that don’t hurt the eyes, but have the glamour of a fried chayote dish? Let’s face it, we must dare! ”

Sig Bergamin

“When decorating, always place a controversial piece. It will give rise to the conversation of your guests “

Dorothy Draper