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Architecture is the major art of designing spaces and building buildings, respecting empirical or scientific building rules, as well as aesthetic concepts, classic or new, of the shape and arrangement of space, including the social and environmental aspects related to the function of the building and its integration into its environment, regardless of this function. : habitable, sepulchral, ritual, institutional, religious, defensive, artisanal, commercial, scientific, signage, museum, industrial, monumental, decorative, landscape, even purely artistic.

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Interior design is a scenic and visual technique for the composition and decoration of interior environments (rooms of houses, offices, palaces, etc.). It is the art of planning and organizing spaces, choosing and/or combining the different elements of an environment, establishing aesthetic and functional relationships, in relation to what is intended to be produced. The professional harmonizes, in a given space, furniture, objects and accessories, such as curtains and carpets, seeking to reconcile comfort, practicality and beauty

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Environmental design is the process of taking environmental parameters into account when planning spaces, programs, policies and buildings. It seeks to create spaces that improve the natural, social, cultural and physical environment of specific areas.

Environmental design can also refer to applied arts and sciences that deal with the creation of the man-made environment. These areas include architecture, geography, urban planning, landscape architecture and interior design.

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Civil engineering represents all civil construction techniques. Civil engineers or civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of construction and infrastructure that they manage to meet the needs of society, while ensuring public safety and environmental protection.

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Project management involves initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing a team’s work to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The main challenge of project management is to achieve all project objectives within the limits of the given constraints.